X – Englisch SALE & RENTAL

Welcome 2020! We offer real estates contemporary with
– dronepictures
– virtual reality
– social media
– creativity and fervor.
So we reach more and other customers. Our “carefree-service” is professional, committed, and creative . Our offer includes for example:

// a rating of your estate
// appliance for the energetic certificate
// create floorplans (digital and paper)
// digital home staging in the floorplans
    Immobilienvermarktung digital Kiel Doris Heldt
// home staging (furniture and decorations) in the estate
// modern ways of communication

// Reachability
// aerial photographs by drone
Drohnenpilotin Kiel Doris Heldt
// get official ground plans (Flurkarte)
// animated digital Keynote-presentation of your estate in the shop-window
// short movies with online guide
// 360° virtual reality tours
// 1st places on Immobilienscout24
// sketchnotes (painting of the estate attribute)

// marketing via social media
// designed, meaningful exposes (digital and paper)
     Immobilien HELDT Kiel InDesign Expose Maklerin